Swell Lodge, Christmas Island

Unlike any other place you will visit!

Known as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean, tropical rainforest covers most of the island and is home to a dazzling array of rare and unusual birds, a crazy number of crabs, not to mention secret swimming spots and jungle waterfalls. 63% of its footprint is designated as national park, the wildlife are free of predators so roam freely and flourish. The red crab is just one of 14 species of land crab that lives on Christmas Island. There’s also the endemic Christmas Island blue crab – with its beautiful sky-blue hues – and the coconut crab, the largest land-living arthropod in the world that’s also known as the robber crab on account of its thieving tendencies. Christmas Island hosts the largest and best protected population of these magnificent creatures in the world.

Your experience at Swell Lodge features

Fully-inclusive stay with all meals and drinks
All transport and flexible daily guided tours tailored to your interests
Accommodation in one of the two glass-fronted eco-chalets where you can wake up in Australia’s most unique, wildlife-filled National Park and gaze out over the coastline from your bed
Services of a private chef preparing gourmet cuisine

Christmas Island is a bird lovers Paradise.  Not only are there many endemic species unique to the island but they have no native predators since humans having only settled here 100 years ago. The birdlife is completely relaxed and unafraid, allowing unforgettable up-close and personal experiences. Standing on your balcony, soaring seabirds will circle back for a closer look, inquisitive little thrushes may follow you through the forest and fluffy chicks sit in nests on the coastal rocks watching as you pass.  It’s home to a multicultural community, becoming an Australian Territory in 1958.  It has one of the worlds most unique golf courses, located amongst palm trees and tropical rain forest with a sweeping view of the Indian Ocean.  You can visit any time of the year.

Christmas Island has an average temperature of 28 degrees all year round, inside and outside of the water, lush rainforest, crystal clear water (world-class diving and snorkelling), and diverse fauna and flora including 50 million red crabs, whale sharks and 23 bird species.

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Arrive at the spectacular Swell Lodge

Fly Direct to Christmas Island from Perth on a Tuesday at 12:30, arriving 15:20.

You will be greeted by your naturalist guide and taken to one of only two, luxury, solar powered chalets at Swell Lodge. Like nothing else on Earth: Perched on the sea cliff on the far, uninhabited side of one of Australia’s most remote and fascinating islands is hidden a jaw-dropping eco-lodge.  Featuring a glass front opening to an expansive ocean-sunset deck where seabirds soar past at eye-level; a luxurious Italian tiled ensuite bathroom with views into the jungle from your hot shower; king size bed; stone bench tops; glass sculptures; canvas-side walls with massive zip-down meshed windows; Haiku ceiling fan and more… Every piece of this remarkable, 100% solar-powered wilderness escape has been carried in and assembled by hand in the middle of one of Australia’s most amazing National Parks, on Christmas Island.

Stays are all inclusive of airport transfers, daily guided activities to suit your fitness and interests, all meals, (including a French Private chef cooking a gourmet meal on your private ocean front deck), unlimited drinks and snorkelling gear.

Island & Nature Acitivity

Your daily guided activities may include jungle walks to refreshing waterfalls you can stand under, secluded beaches, lookouts, natural rock pools, blowholes, plenty of red, blue and robber crabs, amazing birdlife, caves you can swim in, even a boat charter out to look for dolphins, giant trevally and in the right season, even whale sharks.

Christmas Island is impossibly diverse and you’ll never run out of things to see and do!

Overnight at Swell Lodge, all meals and drinks included

Island & Nature Activity

Christmas Island is overflowing with rare and unusual birds and incomprehensible numbers of crabs – including the famous red crabs. There are beautiful boardwalks through RAMSAR-listed wetlands to refreshing jungle waterfalls, out to a whole coastline of spectacular blowholes. Turtles nest on several secluded sandy beaches you can relax on, there are caves you can swim in, vine-draped rainforest trails to walk through and some of the world’s best snorkelling and diving in the crystal-clear, warm 28°C (82°F) ocean, with a kaleidoscope of coral, fish, dolphins and in the right season even whale sharks.

Overnight at Swell Lodge, all meals and drinks included

Depart Christmas Island

Enjoy your last morning on the Island.

Did you spot all the endemic bird species Christmas Island has to offer?

The Abbotts Booby, Golden Bosun, Christmas Island Goshawk, Christmas Island Hawk Owl, Christmas Island Emerald Dove, Christmas Island Imperial Pigeon, Christmas Island Thrush and the Christmas Island White-eye.

You will be transferred to the airport after lunch.

Your direct flight departs on a Friday at 14:40 arriving in Perth 19:15

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