Rowley Shoals on the True North

This year, the True North features 4 departures to Western Australia’s premiere coral playground – The Rowley Shoals

The 5-night itinerary showcases exaggerated corals, mind-blowing fish life and stunning underwater clarity.

The Rowley Shoals are a chain of three pear shaped and extraordinary coral atolls extending from the seabed to the surface on one of the widest continental shelves in the world. The shallow lagoons are inhabited by diverse corals and are abundant with marine life, each strikingly similar and covering around eighty square kilometres, rising with near-vertical sides from the deep water.

Guided by a Marine Biologist, 6 adventure boats and a team of underwater naturalists-divers and snorkelers alike will revel in the diverse wonderland of coral habitats, maze-like lagoons, surging tidal canyons and breathtaking walls.

Limited cabin selection available for September dates – A new departure date of 18 October has just been released.

Twin share cabins available form $6695 per adult

An adventure on the multi-awarded True North is not just another expedition-cruise, the Experience is king!

Life on board is comfortable and stylish, more akin to an exclusive hotel.

The high crew ratio provides personalised service and attention to detail and the Naturalist onboard will enrich the journey with his knowledge and interpretative sessions.

Expect legendary and authentic service shared with just 36 guests and your team of outstanding crew at your beck and call.

3 classes of cabins are offered ranging from 12 to 18 square metres: all with private en-suite, in-cabin entertainment, and satellite telephone. Depending on the class selected, cabins feature single beds with port holes or large panoramic windows and king bedding.

Your trip includes all adventure boat excursions and activities, dining and non-alcoholic refreshments throughout the day, all fishing and snorkeling equipment and cylinders and weight belts for dive trips. Complimentary cafe style coffees and teas are available all day. Alcohol is available for purchase

Embark early evening and enjoy a cocktail with your fellow adventurers and crew.  The vessel sails around six pm and dinner is served shortly after leaving port.  Enjoy your first night at sea in the comort of the True North as it cruises to the Rowley Shoals.



Welcome Aboard!

Embark onboard early evening to enjoy a cocktail with your fellow adventurers. The vessel sails around six pm, and dinner is served shortly after leaving port.


Overnight steam to the Rowley Shoals

Clerke Reef

Arrive early at Clerke Reef.

Sample a fruit platter and sumptuous breakfast before exploring the atoll’s huge lagoon.

Marvel at crystal clear waters teaming with life. Expect to be mesmerised by clouds of fish and corals of every imaginable colour and shape.

There will be plenty of opportunity for beach combing on Bedwell Island, relaxed snorkelling in tropical waist deep water or perhaps some “catch and release” lagoon fishing using eco- friendly tackle.

The qualified and experienced crew will be on-hand to personally introduce everyone to the delights of the pristine environment.

When you are not on an excursion, relax onboard the vessel and indulge in the renowned cuisine – the alfresco bar and lounge will definitely be ‘the spot’ to witness your first spectacular Rowley sunset.

The Aquarium and Clerke Lagoon

Start the day with a visit to the Aquarium! Forget the Barrier Reef- this is world class snorkelling at its very best!

The water may only be waist deep but the experience is “out of this world”! Brilliantly coloured corals, giant clams and more than 600 of the world’s most beautiful species are at your fingertips!

After a sumptuous lunch, an introductory SCUBA dive is offered or hand feeding maori wrasse and potato cod from the aft of the vessel.

A unique high-speed snorkel drift through the outer reef follows. The friendly crew members will ensure everyone gets to try this once-in-a-lifetime experience – as many times as you like!

Anchorage tonight is in the “swimming pool like” waters of Clerke Lagoon – 300 kilometres off the coast.

Reef Snorkelling

Another day in paradise – perhaps an early morning swim and breakfast on the deck before the True North departs the lagoon. Now it’s time to experience snorkelling from a 50 metre cruise boat. The captain will “back-up” The True North to within inches of the reef and all you need to do glide off the vessels rear steps! Outer reef snorkelling is a totally different experience – the sheer coral walls will take your breath away. You can expect close encounters with humpback whales, manta rays and sailfish cruising the outer reef. Finish the day with sunset drinks on the beach and one of the True North’s famous parties!

Settle back in the ultimate comfort of the vessel for another perfect night in Clerke Lagoon. Expect a 360 degree view of stars reflected in the glassy ocean!

Mermaid Reef

Start the day with an early morning stroll on your own to sand cay before a leisurely steam to the Rowley’s northern most atoll – Mermaid Reef. The day is spent exploring the outer reef of this remote and untouched wilderness – highlights will include face to face encounters with the curious residents of Cod Hole and the mesmerising depths of the Northern Wall.

All too soon, it will be time for the overnight steam to Broome. Re-live what is guaranteed to be the experience of a lifetime as the Rowley’s merge into a blazing western sky! Join the crew at the Captain’s Party before retiring.

Disembark in Broome

Your early morning arrival time is around 8.00 am.

Transfer to the airport or your chosen accommodation.

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