Learn about TTFN Travel Agency so you can be confident you’re booking with an expert team of travel consultants. We don’t really think of ourselves as an Australian travel management company. We like to think of ourselves as a Travel Experience Company. Travel management is our core business but that all needs to be balanced with experience, a sense of care and fun to ensure a great result for you.

We are a different kind of travel agent for six very simple reasons…..everything we do for you is designed to:

  • Make your life more productive
  • Ensure your convenience is front of mind
  • Take the complex and simplify it for you
  • Reduce the risks that may impact you
  • Do everything for you with a sense of fun and care
  • Consider the environment

No matter who you are we feel confident these simple guiding principles will help us to make your next travel experience the one you’ve always imagined.

To find out more about TTFN Travel Agency contact us by phone or email.

Our clients return again and again. And you will too.

Learn more about Our Team
Our travel consultants are experts with years of experience in the industry and ready to ensure your travel dreams come to life.

Explore our Holiday Packages
Whether you’re planning a group holiday, family escape or just something for yourself, our carefully planned itineraries will deliver unforgettable experiences that most travellers only dream about. Each of the holiday packages have been produced by our team to inspire travel, whether it be domestic or international, and all can be tailored to suit your travel dreams.

Discover Corporate Travel Services
Planning and scheduling business travellers is more than just a balance sheet exercise. Let our experienced corporate travel team create a travel policy that ensures your employees arrives at their destination on time, refreshed and ready to work.

TTFN Travel is a member of AFTA and accredited with ATAS

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