A business traveller needs a corporate travel agency that not only understands but also specialises in the intricacies of creating an effective corporate travel policies, and how to drive value, efficiency and traveller safety.

At TTFN, our specialist corporate travel agents combine a premium level of service with hands-on experience to ensure your team arrives on time, refreshed and ready to work.

Clients choose TTFN as their corporate travel agency because we appreciate that there is more to corporate travel than just deadlines and meetings – there needs to be an element of comfort and relaxation. Naturally, we go above and beyond to create an experience that doesn’t just meet your criteria for time and value, but for care as well. During your consultation with TTFN you’ll discover that our team can think laterally to consider all complexities of your travel arrangements and recommend the best possible solutions. We will be on top of the movements of all travel plans throughout your business so that we can be on top of any last minute changes to travel plans and ensure that everything runs smoothly from the time you book until the time you return home.

We are experts in handling:

  • Challenging itineraries
  • Time-sensitive booking requests
  • Sourcing last-minute accommodation
  • Last minute changes to travel plans

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Our travel consultants are experts with years of experience in the industry and ready to ensure your travel plans are organised and executed with precision.

TTFN Travel is a member of AFTA and accredited with ATAS to ensure you can be confident in booking with our team.

Independently Owned

Because we’re not owned by a national or international brand, we can ensure a smooth, seamless experience from booking to touch down. Put simply, our team can respond faster, are more flexible and can really get to know your team on a personal level to deliver outstanding service that rivals that of an internal department.

Business travel specialists

Our technology can streamline the way you access your corporate travel information, however it is our team that keeps businesses coming back time and again. TTFN started out as a niche business travel specialist, which means our team has built a veritable arsenal of corporate travel management experience and expertise.

Our standard business travel services include:

Itinerary planning & on the go updates

Business travel can be stressful, that’s why we plan the entire trip from end to end and provide you with live, on the go updates that free you up to work on that next big meeting, presentation or simply catch up on emails.


Full 24/7 travel support

Maintaining productivity while you’re on the go is paramount to any corporate traveller, so to keep you one step ahead, TTFN’s expert travel managers are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to offer assistance when it’s needed most.

Security alerts

The geopolitical climate is constantly changing, so to ensure you never find yourself in the middle of a situation you’d rather avoid, our team regularly monitors the security climate of your destination and will respond immediately if and when required.

Service Level Agreements

Our Service Level Agreements are your assurance that regardless of who is travelling, when they are travelling and why, you will always receive the same attentive and proactive service that keeps your employees feeling looked after and refreshed.


Transparent fees & reporting

If you look after the pennies, the dollars will look after themselves. We understand this and do our utmost to ensure that our fees are completely transparent so when it comes time to balance the books, you’re not left filling in the blanks.

Travel management policy creation

If you have team members who are regularly away on business, it pays to have a travel management policy that outlines conditions, rules and procedures that apply to employees who travel on behalf of the company.

Whether it’s scheduled business trips or mine site crew rotation, we can deliver a more effective travel management program that will help you optimise value, and ultimately, provide your team members with greater ease from end to end.

If you want to experience business travel management that goes further to ensure you’re looked after from the moment you book to the moment you step off the plane, get in touch with TTFN today


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