Antarctica Scenic Flights

Antarctica Scenic Flights are a completely different experience from traditional ship-based Antarctic expeditions. They provide the opportunity to experience the Great White Continent in a single day from a unique perspective. Flying over the continent, Antarctica Scenic Flights offer passengers a greater appreciation of Antarctica’s sheer size and scale compared to ship-based expeditions.

The flights offer vistas to behold for a lifetime. With 3 flight options you can choose one of the following experiences.Learn about the great explorers Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen as you retrace their remarkable routes on an expedition flight over the vast continent of Antarctica.

Experience the dazzling colours of the Aurora Australis from your window as you fly directly into the Southern Auroral zone by night.

Gaze over icebergs and ancient glaciers on a day flight over the coast and mountains of Eastern Antarctica.

Explore the itinerary options and departure dates below. To book, contact us.

Providing optimal comfort and space for every passenger is at the core of the Qantas Dreamliner design which features 236 seats – less than most other aircraft of its type.  The aircraft is fitted with state-of-the-art technology to reduce turbulence, improve noise quality and reduced aircraft vibrations for a smoother flight. Every seat has been designed to offer the ultimate comfort for long-haul flyers.  The windows on the Dreamliner are 65% larger than comparable aircraft windows, providing an increased sense of space and the opportunity for passengers to see more of the world.

Chose from 6 different seating classes. Each offering the following in-flight services:
Two full-service Qantas meals plus in-flight snacks
Enjoy a full bar service onboard with champagne, wine, beer, spirits, and soft drinks.
Choose your viewing on the in seat entertainment system.

Departure Dates

Antarctica Day Flights: 
4 Dec 2021 from Sydney 
23 Jan 2022 from Brisbane 
29 Jan 2022 from Perth 

New Years Eve Flight:
31 Dec 2021 from Melbourne

Southern Lights by Flight: 
4 Apr 2022 from Sydney 
30 Apr 2022 from Melbourne
28 May 2022 from Brisbane 
25 Jun 2022 from Perth 

Australian Antarctic Festival Flight:
25 Aug 2022 from Melbourne to Hobart

South Pole Expedition Flight: 
27 Nov 2021 from Melbourne



Antarctica Day Flights

Join Antarctica experts and fly over the coast and mountains of the vast continent of Antarctica.
Whether you chose our expedition style, historic journey to the South Pole or a scenic flight over East Antarctica, you will enjoy the comfort of flying in a Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.
These day flights offer a birds eye view of the magnificence and scale of Antarctica, with vistas such as ice formations, frigid mountain ranges, glaciers and, if you are lucky, research stations and historic sights.

Special Departure: New Years Eve in Antarctica

Welcome in the New Year at the end of the earth in the midnight sun. Departing in the evening, this unique flight will have you celebrating at dizzying heights over the most unique landscape on our earth. On-board you will be entertained with live music and lavished with champagne while you wonder over the enigmatic landscapes of Antarctica as she sparkles below you.


Southern Lights by Flight

Join a team of expert astronomers and fly into the night, to witness one of the world’s most magical natural phenomena.
Take off onboard a Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, you will head south over the Southern Ocean towards Antarctica, aiming for latitudes of 62 degrees south where the Aurora Australis is brightest.
We will take you far away from light pollution, high above the clouds and weather systems, to see a magical and unforgettable display with an uninterrupted view of the southern lights. Along the way, you will see constellations, stars, and planets as you have never witnessed them before.

Special Departure: Australian Antarctic Festival Flight

Depart Melbourne and fly deep into the Southern Auroral zone to witness the Southern lights before returning to Hobart in time to enjoy the Australian Antarctic Festival. Here you can indulge in the fascinating program of Science and discovery of the enigmatic White Continent.

South Pole Expedition Flight

Our South Pole Discovery flight is the first and only commercial scenic flight to the South Pole from Australia, making it a unique opportunity for real Antarctica enthusiasts. On this approx. 16-hour return flight, we aim to indulge in some of Antarctica’s most celebrated history. Weather and time permitting, our plan is to follow Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s route to the South Pole.

The main focus of this flight will be to retrace these historic routes taken by Scott and Amundsen. Like the explorer’s faced before us, Antarctica is unpredictable, and the weather can change by the hour. We strive to provide the best experience possible but unfortunately reliable weather is not guaranteed once we take off from Australia. We could see an abundance of ice and mountains, or it could be just clouds.

Unlike other flights we will not have the option to take alternative routes to suit the weather on the day, yet we have carefully picked the best time of year to fly. With a 50% chance of having clear visibility, we will be travelling almost 6,000 km to get to the South Pole. You may see everything, or you may not, and must be prepared for anything.

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