A Week In Lapland

Over Christmas my daughter Charlotte and I went on the epitome of childhood adventures – The 50 Degrees North Lapland Winter Magic package and what a week we had! Words and photographs are honestly not enough to do this experience justice! It was beyond magical not only for Charlotte but also for me. There were so many things that I could write about but here are our top 4 highlights.





The Snow

So much snow. We knew there’d be snow but I don’t think we were entirely prepared. It was beautiful, majestic and created a peaceful blanket over everything. And it snowed so often that it was always soft and powdery, perfect for making that first ever snowman and first snow ball fight. After some initial nerves Charlotte was tobogganing like a pro, flying down the hills, screams of delight in her wake, then trudging back to the top again as quickly as she could to do it all over again, attempting to beat the previous runs speed trial. The snow was so soft that even if she came off the toboggan it was a gentle landing. The conditions were perfect.



The Huskies

The huskies! What can I say? We spent the morning visiting the husky farm learning all about these beautiful dogs. Lots of cuddles with the new puppies and pats for the adult dogs. They love people and they love their jobs pulling the sleds for the mush tours. And wow how amazing is gliding through the snow on a husky led mush?! I can tell you it is just fantastic, especially when you are the one driving it! Nothing but the sound of happy huskies running ahead of you and the swish of snow against the sled. It is nothing short of magical.




One of the reasons we decided to do the Winter Magic Tour was so that Charlotte could meet the real Santa. I was a bit concerned about how this might be managed but I can honestly say that the one-on-one Santa meet and greet is absolutely epic, and absolutely worth it. If you didn’t believe before going you will afterward.  In fact, I have had my belief cemented by the experience. Marcus our Finnish guide drove the snow mobile with us in our decked-out sleigh being pulled behind. The entire way Charlotte was so excited she could barely speak, finishing the journey on foot met by elves, we were guided by lamp light to Santa’s cottage.  Santa knew all about Charlotte and I and we had a lovely chat for 30 mins. It was quite frankly the most amazing experience. Seeing Charlotte lit up, animated, and 100% enraptured in this magical moment is unforgettable. I will carry it with me always.


The Northern Lights

Oh; my goodness! There was nothing that can prepare you for this experience!  I have seen many photos but they could never compare to seeing the real thing in person. At 9pm we travelled 2 kms out on to a frozen lake & looked up. It’s truly is magical; the lights move and the colours change between green and purple. Our entire group was stunned into silence just watching the sky for hours.




I have a few tips for you to remember! You need to have a local “spotter” as seeing the lights is not guaranteed as you need clear skies. Our resort had a local photographer who followed the weather patterns so he knew when the lights should appear, and he called all of us who had given their phone numbers to the resort in the early afternoon. You need to travel away from all manmade light so hiring of Skidoos is an absolute must. The further you go the better!  Be prepared for the cold, we had -38 degrees.

If you’d like to experience the magic of this unforgettable holiday with your family, call us today to discuss. Places fill quickly so don’t miss out! Call today!

If you’d like more information about the Santa experience Melanie and Charlotte had click here!

by Melanie Ford - Posted on February 7, 2020 in Family, Winter
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