Don’t skimp on your Travel Insurance

Psychologists have long proven that humans have a built in ‘it won’t happen to me’ wiring in the brain.  There are actual studies. But whilst we think something won’t happen to us, chances are that it’s just as likely to happen to us as someone else. And this is why you should take out travel insurance. When comparing your travel insurance options, don’t worry too much about your possessions. Yes it may cost a few […]

France – why you should go back again and again….

Been to France? Tick. But have you really seen it?  There’s a reason why the French tend to never leave – there is so much on offer. Paris, Burgundy, Provence and the Med are an obvious start, but even with a month you will barely scratch the sides of this delicious butter and vino loaded country. Here are 5 of our top suggestions for your next trip that you may not have considered: The Bayeux […]

Tips for mixing business with pleasure

Do you like to mix business with pleasure? We’re not talking the seedy sort, simply making the most of every business travel opportunity. Travelling for business can be a burden or a bonus depending on how you look at it and whether or not you can top or tail it with a little adventure of your own. On the upside, when you travel for business you often get to visit new destinations and experience new […]

Why you should go to Argentina

With the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup happening next month there is a huge focus on Brazil. Aside from the football, Rio’s white sandy beaches with the limestone peaked backdrop are about as picturesque as it gets, the music and culture probably more joyful than most places in the world and the vast Amazon jungle a paradise to be explored. But whilst Brazil has all of this, I always suggest to people that if they […]

Choosing your next travel destination

How do you go about choosing where to go next? Research shows that most people are influenced more by where their friends have been than any other factor (ie magazine / newspaper articles, travel agents, books, movies etc.). And for those of us on Facebook, seeing the holiday snaps of friends creates even more of a desire to experience that destination for ourselves. These days every holiday moment seems to be captured and shared on […]

A non-cruisers guide to cruising

If you’re one of those people who balk at the idea of cruising, you may want to think again. It’s one of the fastest growing travel sectors in Australia with expenditure rising at 15% – 20% annually. If it’s growing at such a rate then it can’t be all that bad. Can it? Actually no – it’s not that bad. Personally, I’m one of the semi-converted. I’m an independent traveler and the idea of being […]

Flying with animals

Have you ever sat next to a dog on a plane? How would you feel if you did? Whilst Australian airline rules specify that pets must travel in the cargo hold, this is not the case in Europe, North America and some Asian countries. I wasn’t aware of this and had the surreal experience of watching a lady put her dog inside a bag through the X-ray machine on a recent trip in America.  I […]

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