France – why you should go back again and again….

Been to France? Tick. But have you really seen it?  There’s a reason why the French tend to never leave – there is so much on offer. Paris, Burgundy, Provence and the Med are an obvious start, but even with a month you will barely scratch the sides of this delicious butter and vino loaded country.

Here are 5 of our top suggestions for your next trip that you may not have considered:

The Bayeux Tapestry

Depicting the events culminating in the Battle of Hastings and the Norman conquest of England, this 900 year old, colorfully embroidered cloth is a must for any history buff.  You’ll find it in the Musée de la Tapisserie in Bayeux, Normandy where it sits preserved and encased in glass under low light.  It’s worth a stopover if you are heading from Paris to the Normandy beaches of World War 2.

Lascaux Caves

The Lascaux Caves in South West France contain nearly 2000 images of the best known Paleolithic art dating back over 17,000 years old. Images of animals, humans and abstract figures cover the cave walls and give a fascinating glimpse into the minds of our great ancestors.  Whilst you can’t visit the actual caves as they need to be preserved, you can visit an almost perfect replica of this World Heritage Site just 200 metres away.

Les Calanques de Cassis

Pack your hiking boots, swimmers and a picnic to explore these spectacular steep-walled, limestone coves between Marseille and Cassis on the French Riviera.  Even better, hire a boat and discover the hidden bays of sparkling green-blue water from the sea.

Cycle or Walk the Dordogne

Whilst the scenic Dordogne region is hardly a secret (personally I think it’s one of the prettiest areas I’ve ever been to), discover its charm at a slower pace by bicycle or walking tour. Wind your way slowly along beautiful country lanes and pedal to medieval towns and hilltop villages that dot the banks of the river.

Chateau de Baux

Chateau de Baux in Provence will delight kids and adults alike. It is a ruined castle from the Middle Ages set atop a rocky outcrop and could almost be directly from the set of a movie. Amongst the ruins you’ll find a huge 10th century catapult and an historical village.

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Article by Nicola Billens

Nicola Billens is an experienced traveller, having visited all the continents (except Antarctica) over the last 20 years. She’s lived in France, England, Austria and New Zealand and spent many years and many dollars experiencing what this wonderful world has to offer.

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