Fabulous Fiji

If you’ve dreamt of a tropical paradise then you’ve dreamt of Fiji. Colourful coral, white, sandy beaches and azure water inviting you to take a dip. But with its 333 islands, there is more to see and do than just lazing in a hammock swung between two palm trees (although this is definitely something you should do!) There is plenty of action to be had if you want to seek it out. Fiji’s largest island […]

Disneyland – Where dreams come true.

Finding your inner child (and keeping the kids happy) on a trip to Disneyland doesn’t have to be restricted to America these days. You can find Mickey and Minnie on almost any continent which means you can get your cultural fix, while the kids get their cartoon fix. Next year the original Disneyland in Anaheim, California is celebrating its 60th birthday and this means there will be even more fun to be had. No matter […]

The 6 islands of Hawaii

Hawaii – where the Aloha spirit will infect you as soon as you land. Made up of a collection of six main islands sprinkled in the middle of the Pacific, Hawaii is back on the radar for Australians as a great holiday destination. There’s a lot you can do to tick off your bucket list – much more than catching a wave or sitting on a white sandy beach. From seeing red-hot lava flow from […]

Holiday in Vietnam

Vietnam has now fully emerged as a destination and it has so much to offer that it’s a great choice for everyone. Whether you’re into history, beaches, fashion, cuisine or adventure you’ll find that Vietnam offers them all and more. Spend a week or spend four – your days will be filled from morning to night with spectacular colours, sights and sounds. The natural way to ‘do’ Vietnam is from top to bottom / north […]

Staying healthy on your travels

When I travel, I always make sure I try to stay as healthy as possible but I’ve noticed I seem to always pick up a cold after I’ve been on a long flight. The recycled air, close proximity to other people and the jet lag all take its toll. It’s no fun arriving at a destination feeling run down but I’ve come to accept that it’s par for the course and I’ll be fine in […]

5 tips to combat airport queues

How much do you hate airport queues? Not only do you have the long haul flight ahead, but you must allow extra time waiting around to check in your luggage, extra time to get through customs and extra time to get through security. It’s all about to get worse too. New security measures mean that you will need to show that your electronic devices will switch on, and you can be assured that this is […]

Tempted to try Tasmania? Do it.

I’ve just returned from a holiday in Tasmania in the middle of winter. Everyone told me I was mad to go at this time of the year but I’ve never let other people’s opinions stop me from heading somewhere and I’m very glad I went. True, it was cold, but not as cold as I’d expected from the warnings people gave me. Our holiday started as we sailed out of Port Phillip Bay on the […]

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