Exploring West Australia’s Coral Coast with Eco Abrolhos

Idyllic Abrolhos and amazing cruise experience

Wild and enchanting, primitive yet bountiful, colourful but barren, these are my lasting impressions of my first trip to the Houtman Abrohlos Islands.

I joined a 3 night ”Eco Abrolhos” cruise in late November for my first visit to the islands and a short flight from Geraldton was my means of arrival to the first group of Islands we visited. The visual feast from above is only part of the appeal and what I can liken to the “entrée” of what was to be a 3 night degustation course brimming with nature and marine life, maritime history, charming personal accounts of idyllic Island life and at least twice daily crayfish feasts – all from the comfort of the 30 passenger catamaran: the “Eco Abrolhos”

All the guests found cabins extremely comfortable whether queen or twin bedded and not having to relocate at night meant restful sleeps for all. The food was exceptional and varied with plenty of delicious salads on offer to compliment the seafood and meat dishes. The activities were able to be shared by all and for those not wishing to snorkel, there was always a nature walk available or bird watching time!

Jay- the owner, along with his son Bronson at the helm, offer their colourful personal accounts of living on the islands and share their unwavering passion for the conservation and future sensitive developments of eco-tourism to the Islands.  Their enthusiasm extended to the crew and the chef and this personal touch enhanced the cruise experience tremendously.

Excursions were remarkably diverse given the different ecology of the small islands we visited, and the knowledge that was shared was unexpected and savoured by all.

The unveiling of the history of the Mutiny on the desolate and small Beacon Island was certainly a highlight yet the numerous sharp eyed sightings and explanations from Jay and Bronson during the nature and birdlife encounters are the true highlights of the trip.  It is an experience that should be more readily accessible to all Western Australians and I look forward to visiting another time when I can visit the third group of Islands and perhaps one day join the Anzac Celebrations and legendary Two-Up afternoon frivolity!

Thank you “Eco Abrolhos” for making these islands come alive

by Sharon - Posted on December 3, 2020 in summer
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