Romantic experiences for St Valentine’s Day

Which continent do you think is more romantic?

Asia – Taj Mahal, India.

One of the most beautiful buildings in the World, the Taj Mahal, is the result of a beautiful and tragic love story. Just at the entrance you can read some verses that describe Paradise: palace of pearls surrounded by gardens. Magnificent architecturally and outstanding in every detail when it comes to decoration, one of those places that you need to visit during your trip to India.

Oceania – Ayers Rock, Australia.

Somewhere close to home, that will open your eyes to Indigenous stories and will amaze you when observing the night sky, during a ‘Dinner Under the starts’ or awaking to your own private view of the sun rising over the vast desert.

Europe – Venice, Italy.

Canal views from Venice’s bridges , sunset on St Mark’s Square, Visit Venice through Mr Casanova’s eyes, one of the most ‘famous lovers’ and visit the Do Spade Bar near the Rialto Bridge or Visit the Doge’s Palace. ‘Love is in the air’ in Venice, no doubt about that.

America – Riviera Maya, Mexico.

A visit to the Riviera Maya is a relaxing way to maybe finish a tour in Mexico and enjoy the Caribbean. So if you want to have a romantic experience you could for example have dinner in a ‘Cenote’ at Xpuha or visit Tulum, the only Mayan temple on the beach in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Africa – Mnemba Island, Tanzania.

The coastline of Zanzibar has already attracted honeymooners in their trips for decades, and now you can take a step a bit further and visit Memba Island. A barefoot luxury Island with many great services to be enjoyed in a private island.  Lazing on soft sands next to deep blue waters is one of our ‘romantic’ ideas, would you agree?

If you feel like doing something ‘romantic’ during your upcoming trips around the world, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can give you some ideas and advice for a ‘St. Valentine voucher’ for your loved one.

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